Ofsted on Alternative Provision

The proposed model for AP has flaws which will benefit neither young people nor the staff working with them.


Commenting on Alternative provision in local areas in England, a thematic review by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission calling for urgent reform of alternative provision (AP), Daniel Kebede, General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:  

“Due to delays in assessment, diagnosis and support for SEND, too many young people are being placed in alternative provision which does not match their needs. As the pressure on mainstream schools increases and the ability to effectively support undiagnosed SEND students decreases, the number of students who are being managed into inappropriate AP is deeply concerning. 

“The government needs to work more closely with the profession on reviewing alternative provision as part of the SEND and AP Improvement Plan. It should take into consideration the SEND and mental health funding crisis, concerns about access to specialist SEND support, and wider educational issues including curriculum and assessment. All of these impact on young people trying to navigate the education system effectively and successfully. The proposed three tier model for AP with a 'revolving door' approach has flaws which will benefit neither the young people it claims to support nor the staff working with them.”

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