Arts apocalypse joint statement

14 organisations and artists unite to raise the alarm on the decimation of the arts in schools and colleges.


A group of 14 organisations and artists from across the Arts and Education sectors have come together to raise the alarm on the decimation of the Arts in our schools and colleges. These organisations are releasing a joint statement (below) to outline the scale and severity of the issues.

The eroding of the Arts across the curriculum over a number of years has now gone far beyond crisis point: we are facing an Arts Apocalypse.

A rounded, broad curriculum with an equal focus on the Arts can bring huge societal, economic, and personal mental health benefits to future generations. To achieve this, we need systemic change.

The Arts Apocalypse statement offers policy solutions which the signatories believe would help save the Arts from catastrophe. We urge politicians of all parties to consider the statement, take notice of the critical situation and commit to implementing the solutions offered.

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