NEU Northern Ireland has a staff of four Regional Officials campaigning to ensure that the Northern Ireland Assembly and education authorities provide the best for education professional and pupils in every educational institution in Northern Ireland.

Agreement on teachers' pay and conditions of service is reached through the Teachers' Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee (Schools) which comprises the employing authorities/employer representatives, the Department of Education (DE) and the five recognised teachers' unions NEU is one of the five unions that make up the Northern Ireland Teachers Council (NITC).

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  • piggy bank on table
    NEU NI respond to pension consultation

    NEU NI have responded to the consultation on options to address discrimination identified by the courts in the transitional protection arrangements, which were part of the 2015 reform of public service pension schemes, including the NI teachers pension scheme.

Advice and guidance


  • Blog Primary school girl explaining her work to her teacher
    Safe schools – reappraisal required?

    As teachers and staff take a well-earned extended break at Halloween, Mark Langhammer, Northern Ireland regional secretary reflects on the ‘school restart’.

  • Blog Secondary school children walking up stairs
    Back to school: Full week one

    We did it, we’re back and we’re making it work! Colette Thompson, literacy specialist and vice-chair of Fighting Words, Northern Ireland reflects on the first full week back at school.

  • Blog Teacher laughing with secondary school pupils
    School restart across Europe

    With school restart imminent in Northern Ireland, and many teachers confused by rushed, often contradictory advice and guidance, Mark Langhammer looks at the school-restart experience of some of our neighbours across Europe.

Press releases

  • Press release Graphic of Coronavirus for general pages
    NEU urge education minister to let go of GCSEs

    The National Education Union has urged the Minister of Education to “let go” of GCSEs as a means of coping with the pandemic and as a way of de-stressing schools from relentless and obsessive testing, tracking, monitoring and assessment.

  • Press release Graphic of Coronavirus for general pages
    Coronavirus: Schools restart in Northern Ireland

    A joint letter of agreement has been agreed and issued further to the announcement confirming that as a consequence of the current exceptional circumstances, the start of the academic year 20/21 will be from week commencing 17 August 2020.


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