NEU Northern Ireland has a staff of four Regional Officials campaigning to ensure that the Northern Ireland Assembly and education authorities provide the best for education professional and pupils in every educational institution in Northern Ireland.

Agreement on teachers' pay and conditions of service is reached through the Teachers' Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee (Schools) which comprises the employing authorities/employer representatives, the Department of Education (DE) and the five recognised teachers' unions NEU is one of the five unions that make up the Northern Ireland Teachers Council (NITC).

Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council (NITC) accepts teachers' pay offer

Today (23 April 2020) the Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council (NITC) – the body which makes up the Teachers’ Side of the Teachers’ Negotiating Committee has announced that it will be accepting the terms of the Pay and Workload Agreement presented to them on 8 April 2020.

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Northern Ireland
NITC Teachers Pay Settlement

This agreement delivers contractual protections to teachers from excessive workload now. The NITC will be working with the employers to ensure that the new working arrangements are in place in all schools from September.

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Coronavirus:  social distancing in education settings in NI

Advice for education provision for children within the defined groups who cannot be safely cared for at home.  Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.  Where this is not possible for example to enable critical workers to attend work, or for vulnerable children who need care for their health and safety, then provision may be provided.

The full advice is available to read or download


Awarding for qualifications summer 2020

NEU has received many queries in relation to the provision of estimated grades and rank-ordering of students for the summer examinations/ qualifications 2020. Broadly, we have welcomed the exercise of teachers’ professional judgement in providing grades, but have serious reservations about the compulsory ranking proposed, and have sought more detail on statistical methodologies.

Read the interim guidance for detailed submissions made to OFQUAL, DE, CCEA and others.

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Online learning resources

Free CPD offer: 'Teaching and supporting remote learners online'

NEU members, Cecilia O'Hagan and Audrey Currie, from Stranmillis University College, have developed and made available to teachers 'Teaching and Supporting Remote Learners online' specifically as a community contribution to support teachers working from home during the Covid-19 crisis.

This 4-week professional learning course has been designed by the college at this time to support educational professionals working from home during the suspension of teaching in NI schools and colleges.  

The focus of the course is on the promotion of ‘teacher presence’ for all children, using simple technology skills such as webinar and video lessons. This is a supportive course for teachers to enhance the wellbeing of children and young people while working from home.

The course is free, and we thank Celia and Audrey for this generous initiative at a difficult time.

Fighting Words

Fighting Words is a well established programme to help children and young people, and adults who did not have this opportunity as children, to discover and harness the power of their own imaginations and creative writing skills. At its core, Fighting Words is also about something much broader and more inclusive. It is about using the creative practice of writing and storytelling to strengthen our children and teenagers – from a wide range of backgrounds – to be resilient, creative and successful shapers of their own lives.


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