NEU Northern Ireland has a staff of four Regional Officials campaigning to ensure that the Northern Ireland Assembly and education authorities provide the best for education professional and pupils in every educational institution in Northern Ireland.

Agreement on teachers' pay and conditions of service is reached through the Teachers' Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee (Schools) which comprises the employing authorities/employer representatives, the Department of Education (DE) and the five recognised teachers' unions NEU is one of the five unions that make up the Northern Ireland Teachers Council (NITC).

Northern Ireland reopening schools guidance published

NEU responded in detail to the draft guidance and raised a number of concerns. The NI Education Minister has now published new guidance. The revised New School Day guidance has now been published and is available here.

Graphical representation of Covid-19
Coronavirus: New School Day

This guidance has been developed for education settings, to support a safe reopening of schools in line with the Northern Ireland Executive’s “Coronavirus Executive Approach to Decision-Making” published on 12 May 2020.

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