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So that we can offer you full support, you must ensure that you take out, and pay for, the correct category of membership.

We are unable to offer representation or assistance including legal advice with problems that arose before you joined the National Education Union.

If you leave the National Education Union we will not be able to assist you with support or legal advice. 

You are responsible for ensuring that your home, work and other contact details are up to date.  

Membership subscriptions are for the academic year. If you choose to pay in instalments, the full fee for the annual membership is still due even if you wish to leave before the end of the membership year.  No refunds are available.

If you undertake any private work or are self-employed the National Education Union is unable to offer liability insurance and professional indemnity cover as part of your membership. 

£1 offer eligibility

New teachers are entitled to full membership of the NEU for just £1 in the first year after qualifying.  The £1 subscription is payable by direct debit and provides you with full membership of the union during your first year teaching after qualifying. In your second year after qualifying, you will pay one third of the full subscription which you can choose to spread across 10 monthly payments with direct debit. The union will write to you to advise you of the subscription rate.

Breaks in employment

For existing members only, if you are taking a break from employment you should contact the membership department to check your subscription rate. Members on maternity/adoption or carers' leave should also contact the membership department about a reduction of membership subscriptions. 

The National Education Union’s data protection notice to members can be viewed here.