• How do I update my details?

    If you need to update your details now, please email the Membership Team or call on 0345 811 8111, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

    The National Education Union will be launching myNEU, our new online service for members, in early 2019. 

    myNEU will allow you to login and update your details to make sure you’re getting the most from your membership of the UK’s largest education union.

  • What is the NEU membership year?

    NEU membership years run from 1 September to 31 August. This mirrors the academic year, in line with the working patterns of the majority of our members.

  • Why have my payment instalments increased in 2019?

    Moving to an academic year for calculating membership fee payments meant a change both for former ATL members, who operated on a rolling year depending on when a member joined, and former NUT members, who operated a calendar year running from January to December.

    To ensure no-one loses out due to this change, we're calculating fees around a one-off 'short year' that will run until August 31 2019, ensuring that fees are synchronised and the same for everyone from September 1 2019.

    For this short membership year, your individual instalment amounts may have increased because we're only taking six payments from you. However, the total amount is an exact pro-rata of the National Education Union’s advertised membership rates.

  • How will the short membership year work?

    Below is an example of how your payments could change: please note that the amount you will pay will depend on your membership category, working hours, local district, and other individual factors.

    Full-Time Member in Standard Membership Category

    • National Standard Subscription Rate = £183 per annum
    • Plus maximum 15% local fee of £27.45 = £210.45 per annum
    • Previously 10 monthly instalments = £21.05 per month
    • £210.45 divided by 12 months x 8 = £140.30 per annum for one-off short year.
    • Collected across 6 monthly instalments = £23.38 per month.
  • How are subscription rates calculated?

    National Education Union subscription rates for working members are based around a member’s role. A National Education Union member’s role determines their membership type, which can be Leadership, Standard (teacher or lecturer) or Support.  All members pay an annual national subscription and a local subscription set by their local district (see below section on ‘Local fees’). Find out more about our membership rates.

  • What are local fees?

    A portion of NEU membership fee is set by your local district to be spent on campaigns and projects which matter most to NEU members where you work and live. 

    Each local district will set a local fee of between 5% and 15% on top of a member’s national annual subscription. Each district and their members will decide through the democratic process what fee is established and how it is spent to meet local Union objectives. 

    If you want to get more involved in your local union and help decide on local priorities, please get in touch with your local district officers.

  • What is the political fund?

    The National Education Union is the UK’s largest education union and we use our 450,000 members’ strength of voice to campaign effectively and to influence political parties on the issues which matter most.

    Like 17 other unions in the TUC, the NEU has a non-party political fund whereby members can opt to pay a small amount on top of their subscription to support our campaigning work. The political fund contribution is 1% of the full standard subscription for all members whatever their normal subscription to the union. No political fund contribution will be collected from January to August 2019. Contributions from members who are currently opted in will resume from September.

    The NEU does not affiliate to and does not financially support any political party. We maintain our independence in order to persuade every party to make the best decisions for education professionals and their learners.

    Non-party political funds are not uncommon among trade unions - education unions, NASUWT and UCU, and civil service union Prospect have funds and they also don’t affiliate to any political party.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Resignations need to be in some written form, either via email to membership@neu.org.uk or posted to our London head office at ‘National Education Union, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD'. Please remember to include your full name, address and membership number.

  • What additional benefits do I receive as a member?

    NEU rewards

    NEU rewards gives you more for your membership by providing you and your family with a wide range of money-saving benefits and services. This includes insurances, discount shopping, financial advice, mortgages and savings. Click here for more information about NEU Rewards.

    NEU insurance

    As a member, you receive free insurance protection and cover for everything from personal accidents, to loss of or damage to property, including teaching equipment and personal effects. Click here for more information about NEU Insurance.