Pencoedtre High School strike action

NEU Cymru members at Pencoedtre High School in Barry to take strike action over school’s inability to tackle student behaviour.


NEU Cymru members at Pencoedtre High School in Barry will be taking strike action on Wednesday 31 January and Thursday 1 February following concerns from staff with the inability of the school's leadership to tackle high levels of behavioural issues and an increase in internal truancy by pupils. 

Whilst there have been discussions between the school and the NEU, three weeks into the new term, there has been limited progress in the implementation of any effective strategies to address the concerns of NEU members.  Members feel that the health, safety and wellbeing of the staff and pupils continues to be compromised.

Senior Wales Officer of National Education Union Cymru, Debbie Scott, said: 

“Our members in Pencoedtre High School feel they have no choice but to take industrial action.  No one takes the decision to go out on strike lightly, but by choosing to strike, our members are sending a clear message to the school that they will not tolerate threats to their own or the pupils’ health, safety and wellbeing.

“The employer is failing to deal with the pupil behaviour, while internal truancy continues to be a big concern and is having a detrimental effect on learning. 

“Teachers cannot teach, and pupils cannot learn in an environment where there is this level of disruption, and our members will continue to take action until these issues have been dealt with appropriately.”

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