NEU members at The Cathedral School Llandaff strike over pay and pensions


Today (7th March) NEU teacher members at The Cathedral School Llandaff (CSL) in Cardiff, have taken the difficult decision to go on strike to protect their pay and pensions. They have tried negotiating with the school and remain willing to do so, but the teachers feel that they need to show the school they are serious about the need for parity with the state sector.

Speaking about the school’s proposals, Emma Forrest, NEU's assistant general secretary with responsibility for Wales, said:

"Education in Wales is really struggling. In real terms, there are cuts to the education budgets across the country.

"Our teacher members have not taken the decision to go on strike lightly. Our members want to be in school, teaching the children and young people, but the situation is unacceptable. Pay and pensions have not increased at The Cathedral School in line with the state sector, which is what our members expect.

"Furthermore, plans to deny access to the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS) means that our members will be worse off still. This isn’t acceptable to our members, and it shouldn't be acceptable to the school either."

Dr Claire Rickard and Ms Megan Dickson, NEU Reps at The Cathedral School, said:

"We are being forced to choose between a sub-state sector salary now, or a sub-state sector pension in the future. As a staff of dedicated teachers, who are committed to providing the best education possible for our pupils, this should not be a choice we have to make."

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