NEU Cymru welcomes progress on teacher workload

NEU Cymru members will be pleased with the progress we have made on workload in schools, but there is still more to do.


Speaking about the Minister’s announcement on teacher workload, NEU Cymru Senior Wales Officer, Debbie Scott, welcomed the progress made with Welsh Government on addressing workload for the school workforce. She said:

“NEU Cymru members will be pleased with the progress we have made with the Welsh Government on workload in schools. Our discussions have been productive, as we all know that the focus in schools should be on children and their learning, not unnecessary bureaucracy.

“We know the Minister is listening to us on workload, and his written statement shows he is speaking to the unions and taking action in key areas – such as funding, Additional Learning Needs (ALN) reform, administration tasks, and Estyn.

“We have been in discussions about workload since our members took strike action back in the Spring term. When we speak to our members workload is a critical issue – which we hope our discussions will continue to address.

“We will keep Welsh Government focused on this critical area for our members and we hope to make more progress in the coming months as there is still more to do – after all, workload pressures are key to retaining our workforce.”

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