King’s Speech

The Government has forgotten its responsibilities.


Commenting on the King’s Speech, which sets out the Government’s legislative agenda, Daniel Kebede, General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“After hearing today's speech, parents and teachers may well wonder if the Government has forgotten its responsibilities for schools and colleges.

“Schools are underfunded, understaffed and crumbling. This is a result of persistent neglect.

“There was no hint today of a long-term strategy that would get to grips with the challenges facing education. It can only be hoped that the Autumn Statement injects a considerable amount of new money into the sector.

“Buildings are deteriorating and in desperate need of repair. Staff are leaving in high numbers, and the Government is consistently missing its own targets for new teachers. Real-terms pay cuts not only add to the strain of working lives, but the high workload drives teachers out of the profession and makes it harder for leaders to find replacements. Schools are forced to use teachers who are not qualified in the subject they teach. This clearly takes its toll on pupils’ education.

“Without sufficient teachers to teach, the Prime Minister’s ambition for a new Advanced British Standard will not be met. There are simply not enough English and maths teachers to educate 11-16 year olds, let alone A-level students.

“We need a plan for the future of education, but Rishi Sunak is simply not delivering. This is not even a government of make do and mend, but one of make do and make worse.”

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