GCSE, Applied General and other Level 2 Qualification Results


Commenting on today’s results, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:   

“Congratulations to all students receiving their GCSE, Applied General and other Level 2 qualification results today. Their hard work and efforts, supported by their parents, carers and educators, should be thoroughly commended.   

“The government acts as if the pandemic has had no after-effects. In fact, the damage it has done to students’ learning and well-being is enduring. Government decisions about grading boundaries have not done enough to take this this into account.  

“Comparing schools based on exam results has always been inappropriate, even pre-pandemic, as doing so ignores the many factors that influence education outcomes. It also ignores so much about the education provision at a school or college. The impact of the pandemic differs from school to school, in ways that our accountability system does not grasp. Schools will be compared and judged on an unfair basis.   

“The problems with exams are not just those stemming from effects of the pandemic. There is a growing understanding that exams alone do not set students up for success in the 21st century,  and do not allow them to demonstrate all of their talents and capabilities. The benefits of a shift to a broader, more reliable assessment system are becoming more and more clear. The UK government should follow the lead of Wales and Scotland in reviewing assessment and curriculum in England, to ensure it is fit for purpose and fit for the future.”  

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