Cymru: Increase in support payment to FE students


Speaking about the Welsh Government’s decision to increase the Educational Maintenance Allowance from £30 to £40, Gareth Lloyd, Senior Wales Officer who oversees NEU Cymru’s work in FE, said:

“NEU Cymru members have long been calling for an increase in EMA, which supports our poorer students to attend college. Our members suggested that an increase to EMA will help young people focus on learning, pay for extra resources and support them with travel costs.

“This increase is a step in the right direction for the Welsh Government, as we were amongst those calling for a raise to £45 ahead of the last Senedd elections. Since then, we know that the cost of living is biting hard, so it is right that WG consider those who are struggling financially.

“Clearly more money is needed to support students taking courses which require specific equipment, and we hope that the Welsh Government can keep these extra costs under review, if we want our most disadvantaged to continue in education.”

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