The cost of going to school

Pupils experiencing poverty face barriers to getting the education they deserve. 


Commenting on the research from Child Poverty Action Group, School Sums: What does going to school really cost Families? Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said;  

“All children and young people should face no barriers to getting the education they deserve. However, as this report shows, for families experiencing poverty this is not the case.

‘Our own survey of members showed 78% of teachers said that they or their school is providing help with uniforms for disadvantaged pupils, while 58% are providing extra food during the day.

‘While our members work tirelessly to ensure that all children receive the education they deserve, rising child poverty and a cost of living crisis is making that harder.

‘Schools need the funding and the support both from within the school and from external organisations to ensure no child is left behind. Cost of school uniforms, free school meals for every primary school child and ensuring schools and colleges have the funding to provide extra curricula activities and trips is essential to ensure the inequalities we see in society are not reflected in our education system.

‘The price of inaction is children being excluded from accessing the education they deserve and is too severe to ignore any longer.”

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