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Persecution of Gypsies and the Porrajmos poster

What does “sterilization” mean? Why would a government prevent certain groups from having children? Why would a Gypsy be sterilized?

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Rita Prigmore postcard

Rita Prigmore was born on 3rd March 1943 in Wuerzburg, Germany, together with her twin sister Rolanda, into a Sinti (Gypsy) family.

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Persecution of Gypsies and the Porrajmos notes

Teaching notes on the content and usage of the 'Persecution of Gypsies and the Porrajmos' section of the resource, together with advice on the pedagogical challenges and conceptual issues it raises.

This poster shows a soldier by the name of Kurt Winterstein. Kurt was one of Adolf Hitler’s personal drivers, but when the Nazis discovered that his mother was a “Gypsy” Kurt was removed from the army and forcibly sterilized. Kurt is a relative of Rita Prigmore, whose story is relayed in the accompanying postcard.

Photo of Kurt Winterstein – credit: “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”

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