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Martin and Erica's Journey

This is the story of Martin and Erica Stern and the journey they were forced to make through Europe during the Second World War.

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Martin and Erica's Journey notes

Teaching notes on the content and usage of the 'Martin and Erica's Journey' section of the resource, together with advice on the pedagogical challenges and conceptual issues it raises.


The National Education Union (NEU) and the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) are honoured to re-publish Dr Martin Stern’s Holocaust memories, Martin and Erica’s Journey, originally created to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day 2009.

The NEU has a proud history of supporting race equality and diversity through publications, campaigns and conferences. The NEU firmly supports the education of students on the importance of race equality and the lessons that can be learnt from history. It is vital that our children understand and learn from the horrors of the Holocaust.

One of the HET’s earliest achievements was ensuring that the Holocaust formed part of the National Curriculum for History. HET continues to educate students, teachers and the wider public through working in schools, universities and in the community to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust. This is done through teacher training, outreach programmes for schools, teaching aids, resource materials and its Lessons from Auschwitz Project for students.

We hope that Martin’s testimony will be a source of inspiration to teachers and young people alike and will also serve as a valuable resource to teach about the Holocaust and its impact on individuals and communities. Finally, we hope that Martin’s testimony will help young people understand the consequences of prejudice and racism and in turn challenge all forms of discrimination.

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