NEU is recognised by more independent sector employers than any other union. 120 independent schools negotiate staff terms and conditions with NEU, of which roughly half include all support staff as well as teachers.

As a modern trade union, NEU believes in the ethos of the school community and that the contribution of all staff is equally important. Consequently, the NEU welcomes into membership all staff working in the independent sector: teachers and teaching assistants, technicians and librarians, office administration and cleaners, grounds and caretaking staff.

Directed Time

We know that workload is a major concern for members. In the state sector, we are running a directed time campaign, as hours are regulated with a 1,265 directed time maximum.To help reps in the independent sector we have adapted those materials to help you address excess workload.

Specialist support

In addition to all the usual services you would expect such as first-class advice and support, NEU commits considerable resources to supporting our members in the independent sector.

NEU is the only trade union to offer all of the following:

Independent sector advice and guidance