• NEU black members
    Equality advice

    A key priority of the union, to ensure all members have a voice in the union, the workplace and broader society, and do not face barriers to promotion, representation or participation.

  • Pride - GRA demonstration Advice
    Equality toolkit

    This toolkit is aimed at school representatives, teacher governors and NEU officers to use to promote good policies and practices in schools and colleges.

Equality training

Breaking the Mould

Challenging gender stereotypes

Working with five primary schools over two years to consider how ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes could be challenged in nursery and primary classrooms.

  • Equality
    It's child's play

    It’s Child’s Play is a resource for teachers to use in class every day.. It contains a set of accompanying notes on the project books and how to use them, plus more information on using children’s literature to challenge gender stereotypes.

  • Equality
    Stereotypes stop you doing stuff

    This provides an overview of how the different schools looked at the impact of gender stereotypes on young people and considered how they could begin to unsettle some of the established assumptions about what girls and boys might like or do.

  • Equality
    Boys' things, girls' things

    This booklet contains examples of how staff worked to challenge gender stereotypes both inside and outside the classroom as well as specific examples of practice from the project schools.

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