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Turning the page on poverty

A practical guide for members to develop individual practice and tackle the impact of poverty on pupil learning throughout the school day.


It aims to highlight and explain the key drivers and signs of poverty for children experiencing it in school, as well as provide useful advice and practical tips to support teachers, support staff and school leaders to remove the barriers to learning that poverty creates in the classroom.

Turning the Page on Poverty is a collaborative piece of work, produced by the NEU alongside the Child Poverty Action Group and Children North East. It draws on in-depth research and recent case studies and provides pragmatic guidance and effective resources for members to use both in their own practice, and on a whole school level.

Download Turning the Page on Poverty to learn more about:

  • How to talk about poverty with pupils, parents and colleagues
  • Taking a whole-school approach to tackling poverty and stigma
  • What schools and practitioners have learned from lockdown
  • Real life testimonials from education staff
  • Resources to help you address the impact of poverty on learning in your classroom
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