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Teachers' pay and allowances

Advice on leaders and teachers' pay scales, TLR, pay safeguarding and equal pay.

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Part-time teachers’ pay and conditions

Part-time teachers employed under the terms of the STPCD are entitled to be paid on a pro rata basis of the pay rate they would receive if employed full-time in the same post.

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School teacher pay structure

This Q&A document is a comprehensive overview to the teachers’ pay structure and classroom teachers’ pay scales for 2023-24.

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Pay scales

Pay scales for teachers in various educational sectors across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, including part-time, sixth form colleges, and independent schools.

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Pay safeguarding for teachers

Pay safeguarding applies when your employer determines your pay should be reduced. It allows a period of time for you to adjust to the lower pay.

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Pay equality FAQ

Frequently asked questions on pay scale, allowances for additional responsibilities and pay progression.

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School leaders' pay

The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) sets out provisions on how governing bodies should decide the appropriate level of pay.

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