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Pay framework for teachers in sixth form colleges

The framework came into effect in September 2016 in most sixth form colleges.

The framework comprises a pay structure, pay progression provisions linking progression to appraisal and 6FC Teachers Standards. 

Pay spine for 6FC teachers

  • A 9 point Pay Spine.
  • Fixed mandatory pay points and pay parity with schools at the maximum and minimum points.
  • Annual progression at all points on the pay scale.

The structure provides for annual pay progression at all points, so that when the new framework is fully implemented, teachers may reach the top of the pay spine earlier than before 2016.

The structure provides, as previously, that teachers moving between colleges should “normally” be paid at least at the same pay point. This should be college policy for all newly appointed teachers. Not doing so will harm the college’s ability to recruit teachers - they will either stay where they are or go to colleges which will guarantee pay portability.

Responsibility allowances

  • Responsibility Allowances (RAs) replaced Management Ranges.
  • The RA payment band has a minimum of £1000 and a maximum of £10,000.
  • RAs are separate payments paid in addition to the teacher's pay spine salary.

For appointees since September 2016, the level of RA payments are set by reference to the duties of the post. They are either be paid a single “spot payment” or appointed to an “RA payment range" with progression as on the Management Ranges. RA ranges should normally be no longer than 5 points - allowing teachers to reach the top of RA ranges through annual progression as quickly as they reached the top of the Management Ranges, which some colleges have retained.

Teachers in receipt of RAs are entitled to additional payment for additional days of work beyond the 190/195 limit.

The structure should not be used to cut pay for posts of responsibility. The NEU believes that colleges should have a set structure of Responsibility Allowances, set at levels which maintain the pay levels previously available under the Management Ranges. 

Leadership spine

For appointees since September 2016, Leadership Spine pay ranges will be set by reference to the duties of the post. Although there is no specified length for individual pay ranges, the NEU does not want ranges to be excessively long and the NEU would oppose ranges longer than 5 points.

Leadership Spine teachers will be ordinarily covered by the usual working time limits (1265 hours and 190/195 days), but these can be extended on an individual basis. This should always be the subject of consultation with the teacher concerned. Any extra working time obligations e.g. an additional 5 days’ working time should be specified in the teacher's contract and should be taken into account when deciding the pay range.

Colleges should not seek extra working time from teachers without paying for it. Any additional working time for teachers on Leadership spine contracts should be included only by agreement, should be defined in the contract and should be appropriate and not excessive. 

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