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Collective bargaining starter for ten

Ten bullet points on independent sector collective bargaining.

In most instances, deciding not to increase pay is is less a case of not having sufficient funds available, but rather a choice on what to spend money.

Staff need to make their case and remind employers that schools are a people business and the staff are the most valuable asset. If the business is successful then staff should share in that success. Annual cost of living awards below the Retail Price Index are a cut in real terms to staff living standards.

  1. Establish when financial decisions are taken.
  2. Review the procedure for staff input.
  3. Use the NEU briefing.
  4. Request financial information, accounts etc.
  5. Analyse the school’s financial health.
  6. Consult members/other colleagues.
  7. Contrast cost of living awards with NEU reps at comparable schools.
  8. Consider total reward.
  9. Discuss recognition.
  10. Submit a pay claim.

Starter for one

If you really are busy, or the time available is limited, and you only have time to do one thing, NEU has produced a digested, digested, read:

Submit a pay claim
If there is one thing that you can do to seek to influence the decision-making process it is by submitting a pay claim.

Make a pay claim
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