Who is eligible to apply?

The Trust Fund can provide assistance to current and former members of the NEU and its legacy organisations and their dependents. 

How do members apply to the NEU Trust Fund?

Members can fill in this form, or ask for a copy by:

  • contacting the Trust Fund administrator on 020 7782 1573
  • emailing the Trust Fund at trustfund@neu.org.uk

In the current COVID-19 emergency, with the administrators working from home, completed forms should then be returned BY EMAIL ONLY to the above address.

How can I help?

Please tick the box on your NEU application or renewal form to donate to the Trust Fund to help us to support members in need.

What is the process for awarding grants?

An application form must be completed in all cases. Grants cannot be approved either by phone or without the trustees carefully considering a request for financial assistance. The application form is checked for details of income/expenditure/savings/employment details/ household dependents and non-dependents.

What types of financial assistance can the Trust Fund provide?

The Trust Fund has assisted members by providing grants towards:

  • general living expenses arising through illness, loss of employment

and relationship breakdowns

  • funeral expenses
  • costs of journeys to hospital
  • short holiday breaks for recovery or recuperation
  • clothing grants for members and dependents
  • respite care
  • wheel chairs, chair lifts and stair lifts

Who makes the decision to award a grant?

The overall decision for the award of financial assistance lies with the Trust Fund trustees.