Sixth form colleges ballot and strike

National Education Union members working in 34 sixth form colleges will be taking strike action on Wednesday 12 February, Thursday 27 February and Tuesday 10 March (the day before Budget day).

There will be a central London rally on Thursday 27 February.

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Sixth form college teacher's pay for 2019-20

On Thursday 30 January, the Staff Side met representatives of the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA), the colleges’ national body, to resume discussions about sixth form college teachers’ pay from 1 September 2019.

The Staff Side reaffirmed its rejection of the SFCA’s offer of a 1.5% increase for September 2019, which was well below the 2.75% increase for school teachers and would create a further pay gap with schools on top of that resulting from the 2018 pay increase.  

The SFCA emphasised the difficult funding situation facing sixth form colleges, which would not receive the limited funding increase announced by government until August 2020.  Most colleges were not receiving the Teachers’ Pay Grant and all colleges had faced additional pay costs when the pay structure transition was completed in September. The Staff Side responded that the increased funding from August 2020 put colleges in an improved financial position and that they should now seek to ensure that staff pay levels matched those in schools.    

Both Sides agreed that they wanted to reach an agreement if at all possible and agreed to discuss the position further with their members before resuming negotiations later in the spring term.

NJC national agreement conditions of service handbook

This is the national agreement on pay and conditions of service for teachers in sixth form colleges, also known as the Red Book. It includes the new pay and progression framework.

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