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  • Advice Health and safety procedures
    Use of CO2 monitors

    Your employer should be monitoring readings from all the CO2 monitors in your school. See our tips on how to make the most effective use of CO2 monitors.

  • Advice School building exterior
    Capital Funding

    Investment in school building needs to be a priority for the 2020s

  • Press release new press release banner
    School Buildings

    NEU's welcomes the Government’s commitment to maintaining school buildings. There are currently 3,731 school buildings in urgent need of immediate repair.

  • Press release Covid-19 banner for general use
    Coronavirus: School attendance

    Schools should only remain open to those whose parents are key workers. The vast majority of children should stay at home. This is the safest place for them.

  • Advice Primary school exterior
    Playground supervision

    This advice sets out advice and guidance on playground supervision to allow children to play safely.

  • Advice Dust particles
    Mould in schools

    Mould is a health and safety issue as it can cause a variety of health problems.

  • Press release new press release banner
    School and college building repairs

    Today’s announcement by Government to invest £400m in the repair of school and college buildings in England is too little, too late.

  • Advice Girl raising her hand in class
    Class Sizes

    Guidance on maximum class and room sizes

  • Advice Group of children screaming during storytelling
    Voice care for teachers

    Advice for teachers on voice care, including spotting problems, simple preventative measures and information on how and when to seek appropriate specialist help

  • Advice girls running a race
    Sun safety

    How schools can help protect pupils from sun exposure and advice around sunscreen.

  • Advice Building in primary Class with their Teacher
    Space requirements in classrooms

    Overcrowding is a common problem in classrooms. Unfortunately, there are no legal minimum space requirements specifying classroom dimensions. There are, however, a number of legal provisions and sources of guidance that can be drawn upon in challenging cramped teaching areas

  • Advice CCTV Security monitoring student in classroom at school.
    School security

    Advice about school security, in particular at security arrangements and methods to deal with intruders.

  • Advice Teenage Students Studying Percussion In Music Class
    Acoustics in schools

    Advice on classroom acoustics and reducing the risk of vocal strain on teachers

  • Advice Child playing in snow
    Cold weather and classroom temperature (Wales)

    Advice on the heating levels in schools and classrooms in Wales, and how to deal with the various types of heating problems which are commonly encountered during cold weather and snow.

  • Advice School building
    Asbestos in schools

    Advice on dealing with asbestos problems in schools, including the law on asbestos removal and management in schools.

  • Advice School flooding
    Flooding in Schools

    Advice on responding to flood alerts in schools and dealing with the aftermath.

  • Advice empty parking spaces outside school
    School car parks

    Frequently asked questions in relation to staff car parking on school premises. It includes information on provision of school car parks, charges for car parking, car park safety and malicious damage to cars.

  • Advice Disabled woman in a wheelchair
    Reasonable adjustments at work

    The Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make reasonable adjustments to premises or working practices to ensure that employees are not disadvantaged because of their disability.