Advice and guidance about your rights at work and the conditions of your employment, including information on maternity and paternity leave, redundancy and workload and key documents including school teachers pay and conditions document, burgundy book etc.

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Key issues

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    Maternity rights

    As well as statutory maternity rights, most teachers are also covered by the maternity rights scheme for teachers, set out in the Burgundy Book national agreement on conditions of service.

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    Workload and working time

    The purpose of this advice is to summarise teachers’ conditions of service, as set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).

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    Redundancy pay and entitlements

    Advice explaining the payments and entitlements you may receive if your post becomes redundant. In any case where redundancy is threatened, specific advice and assistance is available and should be sought from your school/college rep or division/association/branch secretary.

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    Notice periods

    This guidance sets out the obligations of employers and employees in relation to notice periods and notice pay.

Specific advice by workplace

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    The NEU supports and represents its members in academies in the same way as teachers in local authority maintained schools.

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    Employment rights in the further education sector

    Details of your statutory rights as an employee in the Further education sector. In some cases your contract will provide you with better terms and conditions and, if this is the case, those better terms and conditions will apply.

Key documents

  • Rights and conditions
    School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document

    This sets out provisions on teachers’ professional duties, working time and cover and is determined by the Government taking into account recommendations made by the School Teachers’ Review Body.

  • Pay
    The Burgundy Book

    A handbook detailing all the national conditions of service for school teachers in England and Wales, covering additional terms including notice periods, retirement, sick pay, maternity and other leave and insurance provisions. 

  • Pay
    The Green Book

    The national agreement on pay and conditions of service, or ‘The Green Book’, contains a national agreement on pay and conditions of service for support staff and other non-teaching members of staff. Most local authorities have incorporated the Gr