Refugee week 

The NEU is pleased to be the first education union to partner Refugee Week.

There are simple things everyone can do to show support for refugees, find out more about their experiences, and make new connections in their communities.

By taking part, you’ll be joining tens of thousands of people across the country who celebrate Refugee Week each year.

Refugee Week 2020 banner imageBlog
Refugee week : 14-21 June 2021

This year’s theme for Refugee Week is “we cannot walk alone”. It is a message that speaks to the values of the NEU and in this blog, we give example of our work and links to resources including an upcoming webinar.

Refugee guides

The Welcoming Refugee Children to Your School guide provides information about ways in which you can create a refugee-friendly school, make an accessible curriculum and think about some principles of effective practice.

Refugee voices videos

A series of inspiring short film clips in which refugee children and young people talk about their experiences of coming to a school in the UK, with staff training notes for use with the clips