Speaking about the announcement that Qualifications Wales will hold a national conversation on "Qualified for the future", David Evans, Wales Secretary for the National Education Union Cymru, said:

“NEU Cymru will be heartened to hear this from Qualifications Wales. We have long been calling for a "national conversation" on qualifications, to ensure that qualifications work well for learners with the new curriculum.

“The last few years has taught us that grades awarded to young people are not a simple reflection of how well they did on the day. Exams are a means of ranking young people alongside their peers, and cannot be compared year on year. We have seen the way the unfair algorithm works - so it is time to have a discussion about this across Wales, to find out how qualifications can best fit young people - and record what they can do.

“It is time too to break the link between grades and accountability, and allow education professionals the chance to focus on what each student can do. With so much massaging of grades in the system, we need to ensure that qualifications record what young people can do and avoid a system which encourages teaching to a narrow test. We look forward to engaging in this discussion – and hope everyone in education will be given the time and space to do so.”

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