Commenting on the Shelter report Generation Homeless, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“This should shock us and move us all to act. It’s an indictment of the child homelessness which austerity is causing. The survey shows how much living in emergency accommodation affects children’s learning and education. Having no secure home creates real worry and anxiety for children. The current Government should not have scrapped the target to end child poverty by 2020. It’s a national disgrace that 1.5 million children are forecast to fall into poverty between 2010 and 2020/21.  With 67% of children in poverty living with at least one adult who works, the pretence that employment is currently a route out of poverty does not hold up.

“An incoming Government must promise serious and immediate improvements to the tax and social security system. Britain needs an economic plan for better-paying, secure jobs and a child poverty strategy with real teeth. Every child without secure and safe housing is paying the price for indefensible political choices. We know how to end child poverty and so the scale of the distress faced by homeless children is terrible to witness. Teachers want urgent action for the families they support.  December 12 gives every voter a chance to use their vote to end child poverty.”