Speaking about the Plaid/Labour Co-operation Agreement unveiled today,

Mary van den Heuvel, Senior Policy Officer for the National Education Union Cymru, said:

“NEU Cymru members will be thrilled to see that there are many elements of the Plaid/Labour Co-operation Agreement to welcome – including free school meals for all primary aged children and a supply educator model which is not dominated by profit making agencies

“NEU Cymru members have long called for free school meals to be extended to more children living in disadvantaged households and will welcome that no child in primary school will have to go hungry at lunchtime. This is an important investment in children, as our members know that the cost of going to school can be a barrier in terms of access to education. We hope the Welsh Government will continue to fund free school meals through the holiday too.

“NEU Cymru supply educator members will be pleased too, as the money going into private supply agencies would be better spent on supporting the workforce. We know that supply educators must have access to the right training, as well as equal access to terms and conditions, alongside their peers.

“NEU Cymru members will be pleased to see experience and wellbeing are given centre place in qualifications reform. Our members are clear that the qualifications system needs to reflect what young people can do and not focus on a high stakes accountability system.

“NEU Cymru looks forward to engaging with the Welsh Government on any plans to reform school term dates and will expect our members to be consulted on those plans in a meaningful way. Any reforms of term dates must ensure staff workload is manageable and continues to follow the 1265 hours limit on working time.”


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