The teachers’ pay consultation last week provided an opportunity for teacher members to indicate their opinion within two questions, as follows:

Do you wish to accept the final pay offer from the education employers? If this final pay offer is rejected by NEU members and if the employer refuses to reopen negotiations, would you be prepared to take strike action specifically in furtherance of the June 2021 pay claim? The outcome of the Consultation Survey ballot, are

Q.1 Accept Offer:   Yes 29% No 71%

Q.2 Strike Action:  Yes 71% No 28%

Based on this sizeable majority, NEU has formally advised the education employers that we reject the offer.

I would like to thank all teachers who responded to the survey.

For an e-response, we are happy that the response-rate was higher than normal. The outcome ‘chimes’ with feedback picked-up through casework, phone calls, member contact and anecdotally.

The result rejecting the pay offer represents a fair reflection of where the members sit.

We will be writing to all teachers in the coming days setting out the position in more detail.

Further, we will conduct a deeper ‘listening’ exercise in respect of next steps and and the potential options open to us.

Mark Langhammer
Regional Secretary
NEU (Northern Ireland)

Press release - Teachers’ Side Reject Pay Offer (Northern Ireland Teacher's Council) - 16 February 2022