David Evans, Wales secretary for the National Education Union Cymru, said:

“It’s a wise decision to close schools from tomorrow. It seems they will be closed for at least four weeks – and we are working on the assumption it will be a lot longer than that. 

"We welcome Wales' practical approach.  We will be waiting for more advice and guidance from the Minister and Welsh Government on this - making things clear for learners and educators alike. 

“We know many students will be worried about their exams. We believe now is the time for a sensible approach. Wales is in a good position where students’ marks are concerned. Here we still have more coursework and AS levels, so will have evidence of young people’s work. We know teachers will know their students by now and what grades they can expect.

“In Wales we can be practical. Wales was the first to close schools. Estyn announced they were going to stop operating and the Education Workforce Council has suspended its hearings. We know the Minister has said she is speaking with Qualifications Wales. We hope they can take a sensible and pragmatic approach for everyone involved.”