Commenting on the launch of Labour’s Race and Faith Manifesto, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“The Labour Race and Faith Manifesto contains a set of joined-up proposals to pro-actively tackle racism for the next generation.

“The NEU is excited about a national strategy to attract BME teachers because, frankly, without a national focus, progress isn’t happening fast enough. We have to talk about and tackle racism much more openly through public policy if we are going to tackle the disparities for black children. 

“A Government that’s committed to equality should assess the impact of every major spending review on BME families, because black children are disproportionately trapped in poverty and we’re simply not making progress.

“Tackling the under-representation of BME teachers is one very important step in addressing the issue of racism in society. The NEU welcomes the proposal for a new Emancipation Educational Trust. All young people benefit from learning about how human rights were won and about the struggle against colonialism and racial injustice.”

Editor’s Note

The NEU is hosting a groundbreaking conference about decolonising education on 14th December.