Commenting on Labour’s strategy to improve education standards through investment, Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“Labour’s plan for investment in education and in teachers is very welcome news both for parents and the profession.

“The increases in class sizes, the lack of qualified teachers in many classes, the cuts in support for SEND pupils and the growing teacher recruitment and retention crisis, shows the current Government is failing in its basic educational job.

“At the same time our school buildings have been falling into disrepair - all these problems are a direct result of the current Government’s decision to cut real-terms funding to our schools and colleges.

“Children and young people have only one chance to go to school, it deserves to be the best.

“The plan outlined by Labour will address the years of underfunding and allow schools to heal and to plan improvements, increasing SEND support, supporting teachers and other staff, capping class sizes and improving our school buildings.

“It will give hope to teachers and headteachers up and down the country.

“This is exactly the support and vision for education that teachers, headteachers, support staff and parents have been crying out for.”