Responding to the release of the results from Round 7 of Imperial College’s REACT-1 coronavirus survey (1), Kevin Courtney, joint general wecretary of the National Education Union, said:   

"We are deeply concerned by the results of the REACT-1 coronavirus survey which show that over the lockdown coronavirus has continued to increase amongst school age children, whereas it has fallen for every other age group.  

"This high and increasing rate of infection amongst school age children means that school attendance will remain unacceptably low.  

"The Government really should have accepted the NEU advice that schools should have formed part of a circuit break. 

"Given that the rate of coronavirus infection among school pupils is now higher than at the start of the lockdown it cannot be right for the Government to tell clinically extremely vulnerable staff that they have to return to the classroom on Thursday. This is a small number of staff - just 2% of the workforce - and we call on the Secretary of State to show some humanity and to let them work from home in safety. 

"Whatever the attitude of the Secretary of State the National Education Union will support its CEV members in continuing to work from home." 

Editor’s Note 

  1. Imperial College - React 1 Survey.