Please note: in light of COVID-19 precautions, all face-to-face courses are suspended until further notice.  For details on online learning opportunities please look below

National training programme

In light of COVID-19 precautions, we have suspended all face-to-face training.  We will be resuming face-to-face training as soon as it is safe and sensible to do so.  In the meantime we have a suite of online training for members, reps, activists, and officers.  Keep checking back on this page as we develop this offer during the term.

Our courses consist of a number of online modules – you will sign up for the programme rather than individual sessions.  Each course is led by an experienced tutor.  You will also develop links with other course participants – we actively encourage networking between reps to develop more effective practice.

  • Anti-Racist Education

    Over the past year we have seen an upsurge in activism and awareness around endemic racism in our society, in our workplaces and our education system. The NEU Anti-Racist Framework provides a basis for our activists at all levels to tackle racism with children, young people and staff, looking at the experience of black staff and pupils, the curriculum, leadership, and the community around the school or college.

    We offer online training sessions to equip officers, reps and members with an understanding of the Anti-Racist Framework to then enable them to support local activity around it. These sessions will give an opportunity to gain an understanding of the approach and explore how to implement it.

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  • Becoming a Health & Safety Rep

    This course is specifically designed to support reps and members during the Coronavirus crisis. The course consists of three 90-minute online sessions, which can be done over 3 consecutive weeks or alternatively in one day, as well as access to an online resource and network tool.  

    We will cover the following:

    • The role and rights of the health & safety rep
    • Risk Assessments
    • Carrying out a Health & safety inspection
    • Forming a health & safety committee
    • Negotiating on behalf of members

    As this is Trade Union Training you are entitled to paid time off to participate in the course.
    You will also be welcome to participate in our four-day Health & Safety Rep training programme when we resume face-to-face training.

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  • Being a Health & Safety Officer

    Local Health & Safety Officers play a vital role in building union strength and working with members to support healthy & safe workplaces. The importance of workplace health & safety has been brought into even sharper focus during the Covid Crisis.

    This online course is designed to support local (Branch or District) elected Health and Safety Officers/Advisers carry out their role effectively.

    Although designed for new Officers, attendance is encouraged for any local Health & Safety Officers who want to build up their skills and confidence. Topics covered include:

    • understanding and reviewing the role of the H&S Officer
    • supporting workplace H&S Reps
    • identifying trade union approaches to H&S
    • locating resources and support
    • bargaining and campaigning
    • identifying next steps

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  • Being an Effective Rep

    For all newly elected reps, aspiring reps, or any reps who have not attended our Reps Foundation and Reps Advanced training.

    This course will give you a thorough grounding in what is entailed in being an effective workplace rep.  The programme consists of six 90-minute online sessions.  Topics covered include:

    • The role and rights of the workplace rep 
    • Understanding the education and trade union landscape 
    • Equality and discrimination 
    • Representing members 
    • Organising members 
    • Winning for members 

    As this is Trade Union Training you are entitled to paid time off to participate in the course.You will also be welcome to participate in the NEU’s Reps Foundation and Reps Advanced programme when we resume face-to-face training.

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  • Building the Union - Asking people to join

    For all reps and officers, as well as any members who want to build the union in their workplace, and is relevant for all those who have attended recent online reps training, previous face-to-face reps training, or if you haven't had a chance to do any reps training yet this is a great place to start!

    Over the past year, thousands of new members have joined the NEU. Our strength as a campaigning union comes from our members, and we need to continue to build on the excellent work that reps and activists have been doing, by continuing to ask others to join the NEU! 

    This 2-hour session will cover:

    • Why build the union in the workplace?          
    • Why do people join? 
    • Who can join         
    • Why don't people join and how do we handle this?
    • Having a structured join conversation

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  • Equality Officers

    Local Equality Officers play a vital role in championing equality and diversity, working with members to build inclusive workplaces. The importance of workplace equality has been brought into even sharper focus during the Covid Crisis and with increasing awareness of systemic racism highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

    We have one course for new officers and those interested in learning more about the role and one for those with training/experience.

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  • International Solidarity Officers Briefing

    For new and aspiring District International Solidarity Officers

    International Solidarity Officers (ISOs) are a key part of the Union’s international solidarity work. They are the Union’s ambassadors at the local level, championing key campaigns and extending the breadth of our work by including it in their existing advocacy work.

    Being an International Solidarity Officer is a rewarding opportunity to capitalise on your skills, experience, knowledge and passion to make change in your local, national and global community.

    This briefing will be 90 minutes online via Zoom and speakers will cover:

    • The NEU’s International Work 
    • Being an ISO 
    • The Role of the ISO and Understanding Solidarity 

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  • Pay Bargaining for Reps

    For all workplace reps, new or more experienced.

    This course will support you in bargaining effectively to win in the workplace on members’ pay.  The programme consists of two 90-minute online sessions.  We will cover the following:

    • How does teachers pay work? 
    • What is bargaining? 
    • Understanding inequalities in pay 
    • Winning a pay policy 
    • Winning on pay progressions 
    • Winning pay appeals 
    • As this is Trade Union Training you are entitled to paid time off to participate in the course. 

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  • Representing Support Staff in State Schools

    This course is for all NEU workplace reps, district and branch secretaries/other officers and caseworkers and will take an in-depth look at advising and representing support staff members working in the maintained sector and in academies. 

    It is normally held over the course of a day, but because of the current situation, we are running it online over 2 consecutive weekday afternoons. It is very important you attend both parts.  

    The course will help you to: 

    • Identify the issues faced by support staff 
    • Understand the framework that covers support staff terms and conditions and pay 
    • Feel more confident about representing support staff 

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  • Work-Related Stress as a Collective Issue

    This course is for all of you who have completed the 3 Part online H&S Rep training put in place as a direct result of lockdown and also for those of you who have completed a H&S Reps face-to-face course. The focus will be on making workplace stress a collective issue.

    The training will be a 105-minute online session via Zoom. 

    The aims are to help you to:

    • share experiences of work-related stress
    • identify a collective approach to tackling work-related stress 
    • identify the legal duties on employers 
    • identify relevant tools and resources 
    • identify next steps 

    As this is Trade Union Training you are entitled to paid time off to participate in the course.

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  • Winning a Workplace Domestic Abuse Policy

    Domestic abuse is a trade union issue. The purpose of this training is to start to open up the conversation about the impact of domestic abuse on workers and to support activists to organise and bargain for better and safer workplaces.

    This online training course will take place in two twilight sessions of two hours each, a fortnight apart.

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