All National CPD is being delivered online whilst COVID 19 restrictions apply .

During the COVID 19 pandemic the NEU are running CPD for members online in the format of webinars, online courses and webinar programmes. The NEU believes that you should have access to CPD at every stage of your career, no matter what role, sector or phase you work in. Regularly updating knowledge and skills can help you remain competent, effective and innovative in your role. When your practice has these qualities, you are more likely to feel inspired, inspire others and teach effectively, thus enabling your learners to achieve their best.

Our programme covers 5 suites of learning: Behaviour, Mental Health, Leadership, SEND and Enhancing Classroom Practice. A range of CPD is available in 2021 including the popular Webinar Wednesday series and themed weeks each month on a suite of learning. Webinars are recorded and available for 7 days after for those who have registered, so if you can’t make the time still sign up  and view in your own time.

The National CPD programme is a valuable benefit for NEU members. It is continually adapted and reviewed to meet your learning needs and the needs of your students.  To take advantage of this and one of the many other benefits of NEU membership then join here.

Being a member of the NEU currently entitles you to a 10% discount on course fees at Birkbeck, the University of London and the University of Wolverhampton. If you attend one of these institutions, then ask your admissions team how you can go about claiming it.

National CPD feedback

‘Great CPD - I would struggle to develop my skills and practice if it wasn’t for NEU CPD. Always good quality and relevant. Thank you.’

‘NEU provide some of the best courses I have attended. Thank you’

‘Thank you for this webinar. I find these CPD sessions very helpful, especially as I can keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

‘These sessions are excellent. Thank you so much for putting these on, especially at this time. It helps to feel connected to a wider community, which is so important too.’

Open University

The NEU has partnered with the Open University to offer a variety of free courses specifically selected for NEU members. Further details can be found here.

  • Behaviour

    Managing pupil behaviour can often feel like the biggest challenge for those working in education, regardless of whether they are new to the classroom or have many years of experience.  Our behaviour CPD courses and webinars explore how you can and should react in different circumstances and offer a variety of behaviour strategies for you to take back to your classroom. 

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  • Mental health

    Mental Health charity Young Minds estimate that 3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem. Teachers and support staff are often at the forefront of identifying these issues and dealing with the consequences. Our CPD on mental health will help you recognise the most common mental health issues for young children and adolescents and explore how you should respond, including though play based strategies and developing whole school approaches that place student wellbeing at the centre of everything that you do.

    For further information on how to support your own mental health during COVID 19, please check out our wellbeing webcast here.

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  • Leadership

    Schools and colleges need to be effectively led by leaders and managers who are well supported and developed to meet and succeed in an immensely challenging education environment. Our leadership CPD supports you on your journey from aspiring to lead, through your early and middle leader years, to meeting the challenges of Headship through our coaching programme.

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  • Enhancing Classroom Practice

    Studies have repeatedly shown that the quality of teaching is one the single biggest determinant of pupil progress and attainment. CPD is central not only to help you secure high standards of teaching; it also helps you keep your professional practice fresh, up-to-date and stimulating. Our online and face to face courses are designed to show how you can enhance your classroom practice whether through incorporating drama techniques into your lessons or differentiating more effectively.

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  • SEND

    The proportion of pupils with special educational needs has continued to grow in recent years in the UK. Our online and face to face courses aim to provide you with the training and support you require to help meet the needs of children and young people with SEND.

    The NEU has partnered with NASEN (National Association for Special Educational Needs) to produce a series of webcasts looking at small group interventions. These webcasts will prove useful for anyone who works with pupils in small groups.

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  • Students and Newly Qualified Teachers

    Going into the classroom marks an exciting time ahead, but you may also feel apprehension. Knowing where to turn for help and advice before you start will enable you to thrive, not just survive.

    Regularly updating knowledge and skills can help you remain competent, effective, and innovative in your role. When your practice has these qualities, you are more likely to feel inspired, inspire others and teach effectively, thus enabling your learners to achieve their best. To help you prepare for your teaching career, the NEU run a range of webinars aimed specifically at students and NQTs to give you the confidence and skills in the classroom you need.

    All the webinars are free but you must be a member to access them. Membership is free to students and only £1 for NQTs.  So don’t miss out join the NEU here.

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  • Union Learning Rep

    NEU ULRs can play a key role in supporting, developing and improving the learning culture both within their workplace and the wider union. They help raise awareness about the value of learning in all its forms, help plan and run learning events and support and encourage members to take part in learning.

    Our ULR training course will give you the skills and knowledge to make a real difference for our members in the workplace.

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