During the COVID 19 pandemic the NEU has been running CPD for members online in the format of webinars, online courses and webinar programmes. This will continue into the new academic year although some of the longer courses and programmes may take a blended learning approach with opportunities to meet with peers on a face-to-face basis. Where this is the case, details will be highlighted in the course descriptions.

Our programme offers a wide range of CPD designed to meet your needs in relation to Behaviour Management, SEND issues, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Teaching and Learning and cultivating Creativity in your classroom.  In addition, we offer specific leadership CPD to those who are aspiring to lead, new in a leadership role or an established Head Teacher or Principal. Early Career Teachers can also access CPD to support them at every stage as they embark on their teaching journey.

The National CPD programme is a valuable benefit for NEU members. It is continually adapted and reviewed to meet your learning needs and the needs of your students.  To take advantage of this and one of the many other benefits of NEU membership then join here.

Leadership CPD, ULR Training, longer courses and programmes

The national programme includes some heavily subsidised longer programmes and interactive courses for those who wish to explore an issue in more depth. We have several leadership programmes and masterclasses designed to support you at every stage of your leadership journey. Details of all longer courses and programmes, with associated costs and commitments can be found here.

In order to book onto our longer courses and programmes you will need to log into MyNEU. If you haven’t logged in before you will need to activate your log in and create a password using your membership number which will start with an N and be followed by 7 digits. Once you have done this you will also be able to update your membership details online and even change your membership rate.

Upcoming Webinars

The popular Webinar Wednesday series will continue throughout the 2021/22 academic year as will monthly themed weeks focusing on an area of specific CPD and/or membership category. Details of all upcoming webinars can be found below. Remember- if you register for the webinar then we will send out a link afterwards which means you can watch the recording for up to 7 days. So, even if you can’t make the live event, sign up anyway and you can view the recording at a time convenient to you.

  • Type a category in the search box to see all courses in that category. Current categories include behaviour, mental health, leadership, SEND, teaching and learning and climate change.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the blue category tags beneath the course description
  • Most of our CPD is suitable for all members but where there is something aimed at a particular phase or role, then this will be specified e.g. trainees and ECT, supply staff, early years.
  • Select a date to see all courses from that date.

National CPD feedback

‘Great CPD - I would struggle to develop my skills and practice if it wasn’t for NEU CPD. Always good quality and relevant. Thank you.’

‘NEU provide some of the best courses I have attended. Thank you’

‘Thank you for this webinar. I find these CPD sessions very helpful, especially as I can keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

‘These sessions are excellent. Thank you so much for putting these on, especially at this time. It helps to feel connected to a wider community, which is so important too.’