The National Education Union has its members' learning and development at the core of its work. We remain committed to supporting you throughout your career whether you are a teacher, member of support staff, lecturer or hold a leadership role. 

We have a track record of running first-class training courses on issues ranging from behaviour management to transactional analysis.  Our tutors are well informed and use a variety of innovative and interactive approaches to ensure not only that your needs are being met but that you have a great day as well.

NEU Behaviour Statement

Everyone attending a National Education Union (NEU) event has the right to expect a space free from bullying, intimidation and harassment; to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy and not to be discriminated against.

The NEU will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Members attending an NEU event are responsible for their own behaviour and must ensure they behave appropriately showing respect to others during NEU events and social activities.
Reports of inappropriate behaviour, including behaviour which brings injury or discredit to the union, will be treated seriously and acted upon promptly.  Any such behaviour may ultimately result in attendees being asked to leave and/or action being taken against members under the Union’s Code of Professional Conduct.

The event coordinator will outline how members can report inappropriate behaviour, and the event coordinator has complete discretion to ask individuals to leave the event.

CPD and national training

  • Workshop participants at YTC18
    National training programme

    The NEU has a comprehensive support and development programme to build your skills and confidence in Union work.

  • Workload meeting
    National CPD

    We believe that members should have a contractual right to CPD with control over its content and dedicated time to research, learn with colleagues and to innovate.

Conferences and events