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Your guide to induction in Northern Ireland

The NEU has put together this guide to help make your induction year work for you.


Induction is an important part of your development as a teacher. The National Education Union (NEU) has produced this guide to answer some of the questions you might have and to help make your induction work for you.

Induction and early professional development (EPD) normally take 3 years to complete (possibly longer depending on your employment circumstances). Generally induction takes one year, followed by EPD year 1 and EPD year 2. All newly qualified teachers are required to complete induction and EPD.

How does induction relate to EPD?

Induction should act as a bridge to EPD. Areas of development highlighted in your induction summative report can be used to inform target setting in EPD.

EPD is supported by the designated teacher tutor in each school.

First steps:

  1. Register with the Education Authority Northern Ireland early-career-teachers- induction-and-early-professional- development/ induction epd ( Remember ECT’s must do this annually).
  2. Register with the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI)
  3. Register with the Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register (NISTR)

You should register with GTCNI and NISTR as early as possible upon graduation to allow for possible delays within the system.

Graduates who have attended university/ college outside Northern Ireland will also have to register with GTCNI even if already registered in England, Scotland or Wales.

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Advice for teachers starting out in their careers, known as Early Career Teachers (ECT) in England and Northern Ireland and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) in Wales.

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