NEU Directed Time Calculator

The NEU's guide to enable you to calculate your school's directed time.


This document can be used in all schools and academies to calculate teachers' working time, whether or not they are employed on the STPCD terms and conditions which include a limit of 1265 hours on the time for which they can be directed to work.

In other schools, any limits on directed working time should be set out in their contracts of employment.

Enter your school's information into the white boxed cells on sheet 2 (“Your School's Directed Time Calculation”).

Use the "Example Directed Time Calculation” on Sheet 3 and the Notes on Sheet 4 in order to help you fill this in. The total directed time for the year will then be automatically calculated in hours.

The sheet will automatically format times in hours and fractions of an hour once you've entered it as required in hours and minutes.

Don't enter any data into the cells that are lightly shaded in grey.

Directed time artwork

Directed time

How many hours you should be available for work.

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