Model TPS campaign letter to parents

If there is a proposal to remove teachers' membership of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS), engage with parents. Adapt this model letter to enlist their support. 

Teachers at St. Augustine's Priory, Ealing, 2023

Protecting independent school teachers' pensions

We will support members opposing any proposal to remove teachers’ membership of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS).

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Dear Parents,

Open Letter from teachers at X School regarding the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

We are writing to you to express the strength of feeling amongst teachers at X School against the proposal to leave the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS).

The TPS is a significant part of a teacher’s remuneration. It is part of our contract of employment.

The proposal to leave the scheme has ramifications for the continuing success of the school. It will adversely affect the ability of the school to attract and retain high quality teachers. 

Significant damage has been done to staff morale by threat to rip up our contracts of employment. We have been told that unless we agree to this significant cut to remuneration, the school will fire us, and then offer re-employment on inferior terms. [Delete if not applicable]

Provision of the TPS is an industry standard. All local authority and academy teachers are in the scheme, as are many independent schoolteachers.

Teachers’ salaries are lower than many graduate professions. This has in part been compensated by a good pension. For many teachers, not being in the TPS is a deal-breaker.

We believe that the school’s finances are sound and the TPS remains affordable. There is no financial imperative for such a significant cut to teachers’ remuneration.

We acknowledge that the cost of the pension, and staffing costs in general, are high. However, the school is a people business. The Independent Schools Council state that the average independent school spends between 66% to 70% of income on staffing costs.

We know that parents value the staff who educate, know, and develop their child. Leaving the TPS is likely to hinder the school’s ability to recruit and retain teachers and lead to increased staff turn-over.

The strength of feeling amongst staff is running high.

We hope that you will be able to support us by writing to Chair of Governors/Proprietor calling on them to reconsider this course of action and commit to remaining in the TPS.

With best regards,

NEU members/Teaching staff [delete as applicable] at X School

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