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Working through the menopause poster

Working through the menopause poster to display in your workplace.

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Menopause toolkit

Advice on working through the menopause, guides and checklists for leaders and school reps and the NEU's model menopause policy.

Menopause toolkit page

Working through the menopause

Workplace checklist

All women should be able to:

  • work through the menopause in an environment that is supportive
  • control room temperature in their classrooms (and through negotiation the staffroom as well)
  • access a toilet during breaktimes – and expect systems to be in place in the workplace that ensure that if a member of staff wishes to use the toilet during lesson time they are able to do so
  • expect understanding from managers and colleagues regarding any condition that may require reasonable adjustments
  • work in an environment where reasonable adjustments are made to achieve a comfortable working environment for all.

Questions to raise in your workplace:

  • are all staff menopause-aware so that women do not need to raise it as an individual issue?
  • is there a climate of openness where women are able, if they so choose, to disclose their symptoms to colleagues and management and request adjustments?
  • is there adequate ventilation and temperature control in each classroom and in other areas of the school, such as the staffroom?
  • is there a procedure for providing brief cover arrangements for women workers who may need to use toilet/ washing facilities during a lesson
  • or when they are working with an individual pupil?
  • is there ready access to cold drinking water?
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