Joint union response to STRB 2023

This is a joint response from the unions representing the vast majority of teachers and school leaders in England.  



This is a joint response from the unions representing the vast majority of teachers and school leaders in England.  We are united on the key issues covered in the STRB report and the Government’s response.  This unity across the profession adds to the weight of this response to the consultation.  It demonstrates that there is a clear consensus among teachers and school leaders on the existing problems and the necessary solutions.

The STRB’s recommended pay increases for 2023-24 went significantly beyond the increases proposed by the Government and have been accompanied by increased funding to pay for the increases.  The STRB’s recommendations were finalised and sent to the Government in May, shortly after NEU, NAHT, NASUWT and ASCL had announced co-ordinated industrial action to continue the dispute with the Government over pay, school funding, and workload and conditions. 

We welcome the STRB’s recognition that evidence of the longstanding decline of teachers’ and school leaders’ real and relative terms pay is unquestionably a key cause of ongoing supply crisis. 

Government’s failure to grasp and tackle this root cause of under recruitment and teacher and leader wastage is evident in its submissions, as is the strength of feeling as expressed in the pay disputes and the action taken.  We are therefore absolutely clear that the pay increase for September 2023 must be only the first step in a programme of urgent steps to repair the damage to teacher pay caused by Government political choices since 2010.  A major correction in teacher and school leader pay is urgently required.

Read full report in the attached download.

Joint union statement on PRP

This joint union statement on PRP supplements the joint union response to the STRB’s 33rd Report and the Government’s response and includes an urgent call for action from the Government on the key issue of PRP.

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