The Green Book

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service.



  1. The National Joint Council represents local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and their employees (other than those for whom there are alternative arrangements) and other authorities of equivalent status. We are jointly committed to the local democratic control of services to the community as the primary role of local government. Our principal role is to reach agreement, based on our shared values, on a national scheme of pay and conditions for local application throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Constitution of the National Joint Council is annexed to this Part.
  2. The National Joint Council’s guiding principles are to support and encourage:
    1. (a)  high quality services delivered by a well-trained, motivated workforce with security of employment. To this end local authorities are encouraged to provide training and development opportunities for their employees
    2. (b)  equal opportunities in employment; equality as a core principle which underpins both service delivery and employment relations; and both the removal of all discrimination and promotion of positive action;
    3. (c)  a flexible approach to providing services to the community, which meets the needs of employees as well as employers
    4. (d)  stable industrial relations and negotiation and consultation between local authorities as employers and recognised trade unions.
  3. The NJC has a strong commitment to joint negotiation and consultation at all levels, and to this end encourages employees to join and remain in recognised unions. Co-operation between employers, employees and unions will help ensure the successful delivery of services. Local authorities are therefore encouraged to provide facilities to allow trade unions to organise effectively for individuals and collective representation.
  4. In addition to this Part, the national agreement consists of:

    PART 2

    Key national provisions which are for application by all local authorities to all employees covered by the NJC. They are basic provisions which constitute a standard throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    PART 3

    Other national provisions which may be modified by local negotiation. The party proposing change must state in writing what changes are sought and why and the parties must then seek to reach agreement, normally within three months. Where agreement is not possible, either party may refer the failure to agree to the provincial joint secretaries (or other mutually agreed persons) for conciliation. If the provincial conciliation is unsuccessful, the provincial secretaries may recommend further procedures for resolution of the difference, including external conciliation, mediation or binding ACAS arbitration. The above procedures should if possible be completed normally within a further three months.

    PART 4

    Joint Advice - this covers agreed guidance on good practice on a variety of issues.

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