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Pay offer 2023

The terms of the Government pay offer explained.

The Government offer explained

On pay

  • Full implementation of the STRB recommendations to increase teachers’ pay by 6.5 per cent at all grades and starting salaries to £30,000.

This means that teachers’ pay scales from September 2023 will be as follows (September 2022 pay scales included for reference):

On funding

  • £900 million extra to cover the 3 per cent increase to 6.5 per cent from the Government’s initial 3.5 per cent offer.

This extra £900m is on top of the £2 billion increase to school funding that the Government was forced to announce in its Autumn Statement last November, after the NEU wrote to all Tory MPs last October showing them the relaunched School Cuts website. That £2bn included sufficient funding to make the Government’s initial 3.5 per cent affordable for most schools. The head teacher unions, NAHT and ASCL, have told us that most heads have already budgeted for a pay rise of 3.5 per cent.

  • Guarantees that the extra £900 million does not come from front-line education services – not from special needs, post-16, maintained nurseries or schools’ capital funding to ensure building safety.
  • Funding for the pay rise built into the baseline budget for future years, thereby consolidating the 6.5 per cent increase.

On workload

  • A target to reduce workload for teachers and leaders by a further five hours a week to enable them to focus on what matters – high quality teaching.
  • A new workload reduction taskforce to reduce workload burdens on teachers and school leaders. Membership to be agreed between union general secretaries and ministers, focussed on securing workload reduction for teachers and leaders, making recommendations to Government, Ofsted, school and trust leaders by March 2024.
  • Updated version of the 21 Administrative Tasks to be published as statutory guidance and reinserted into the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) by October 2023.
  • Further changes to Ofsted school inspection to address the adverse impacts of inspection on workload and wellbeing of teachers and leaders.

Download the Secretary of State’s letter outlining their offer.

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