NEU launches fundraising appeal supporting Save the Children’s work in Gaza

A fundraising appeal in aid of Save the Children’s humanitarian work in Gaza has been launched by the National Education Union (NEU).


Support the Save the Children Gaza emergency appeal

The children of Gaza and Israel are living through a nightmare. They have been killed, maimed, abducted and subjected to unspeakable violence.

A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Gaza. Food, waterand medicines are running out – and hospitals are having to operate on children without anaesthetic.

Families have fled their homes in terror. Now they have nowhere to left to flee as the bombs fall.

That’s why the NEU is supporting Save the Children’s Gaza Emergency Appeal.

How you can help

Save the Children has trucks filled with vital supplies moving across the border into Gaza. With your support, our emergency teams will be able to:

• deliver life-saving food, drinking water, hygiene kits and medicine

• provide families with the cash to buy food and other essentials for their children

• make sure people – including pregnant women, new mums and their babies – get the treatment they need

• distribute warm clothes and blankets to help families survive the winter.

Over the long-term, our mental health teams can give children who’ve experienced unimaginable horrors the care they need to recover. And we can get kids back in the classroom – so they have the chance of a future.

As an NEU member you can:

• Make a direct donation to Save the Children’s Gaza Emergency Appeal via this page – either as an individual member or from your local district.

• Make an offline donation if you’d prefer to give via bank transfer by emailing  [email protected] quoting reference 40192423E34G.

• Take this model motion to your district seeking a district contribution.

The difference you can make 

To give you an idea of how your support could help:

• £10 could provide a dignity kit containing sanitary towels and underwear.

• £250 could provide one household with cash – orvouchers – to help them buy essentials like food, clothingand water for one month.

• £1,725 could provide 3,600 water bottles to children who can’t get enough clean water to drink

• £9,280 could provide 250 families with Baby Kits to give them the items they need to provide basic care to their child.

"We are rationing water. Food is running out. The wounded cannot be treated"

One of our staff in Gaza – a veteran of many emergencies – describes first-hand the reality there.

What we are experiencing now in Gaza is unlike anything I have seen before.  

We are rationing water bottles. Food is running out. The wounded and sick cannot be treated. At night, children sit in the dark, in the black-out, wondering if they will live to see the morning.

The sheer numbers are beyond understanding. No one can fully grasp the extent of the suffering. I have no answers for my three young children about what is to come.  

There is no way out of Gaza. There is no safe place in Gaza.

The fear that we may not see another day together is a constant burden on our hearts.  

My dream is a simple one – to wake up in the morning with my children in my arms, alive and well, and for this violence to come to an end. 

At night, children sit in the dark, wondering if they will live to see morning. 

Get in touch

For further fundraising and engagement support, ideas or materials, please email [email protected]

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