NEU statement on Israel/Gaza


The NEU stands in solidarity with all those - Israeli and Palestinian - suffering the impact of horrific violence. Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones and who live under fear of attack, kidnap, bombardment or siege.

We deplore all acts of violence against civilians and call for both sides to respect their responsibilities to protect civilians. International law outlaws collective punishment. Both sides must immediately refrain from retaliatory attacks in which civilians, including children, pay the price.

Children across Israel/Palestine are suffering. The NEU stands in solidarity with children and young people, their teachers and other educators. We thank educators who are doing their best to maintain education in the most appalling circumstances.

Over 100,000 displaced Palestinians are sheltering in UNRWA schools in Gaza. They must be safeguarded from attack.

The siege of Gaza must be immediately lifted to avoid an otherwise catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

The international community bears responsibility to work with all parties to bring about a ceasefire at the earliest possible opportunity.  

The children of the region have the right to a future free from war, violence and oppression. We want a peaceful resolution in which both Palestinians and Israelis can live lives of dignity, in peace and safety.

The NEU opposes antisemitism and Islamophobia. The current crisis must not lead to a rise in racism.

We must all work to build a peaceful future.

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