Advice and guidance about health and safety at work including information on issues around personal health and safety plus advice on key workplace issues. 

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Key issues

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    Stress risk assessment

    A stress risk assessment is a careful examination of what in a workplace could cause staff to suffer from work-related stress, so that you can weigh up whether you have done enough, or should do more to prevent harm.

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    Violence in schools

    Advice about violence issues in schools, in particular how this should be tackled by employers.

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    Voice care for teachers

    Advice for teachers on voice care, including spotting problems, simple preventative measures and information on how and when to seek appropriate specialist help

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    Tackling stress

    Excessive workload and working hours are continually cited by teachers as one of the main causes of their workplace stress.

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    Work and suicide

    If someone is threatening imminent suicide call 999 and stay with them until the emergency services arrive.

Workplace issues

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    Who is responsible for health and safety?

    Who is responsible for the management of health and safety in schools and colleges and the respective roles of the employer, governing body, head teacher and other staff of the school.

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    Work Equipment

    This briefing outlines the specific health and safety regulations relating to the use of work equipment in schools and colleges.

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    Health and safety for supply teachers

    Health and safety issues for supply teachers, including those employed directly by local authorities, schools and academy trusts and those employed via supply agencies.

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    Slips, trips and falls

    How to reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries in schools due to slips, trips and falls.

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    Hygiene control in schools

    Advice on the appropriate hygiene procedures for schools which will help to prevent the spread of blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis A, B and C, and conditions such as dysentery.