The cuts to per pupil funding are damaging education and the Government has ignored teachers' warnings.

Schools have been doing all they can to shield their pupils from the damage caused by £2.8 billion being cut from school budgets since 2015, but this lack of investment is starting to bite.

We can’t stand back and let these cuts happen. Children and young people only get one chance at school and we know that education cuts never heal. As a country we should be investing in this, and future generations, of young people.

On average, secondary schools in England have cut 5.5 members of staff over the last two years. Find out how your local school has been affected.

Our latest research

Our latest research - drawn solely from Government figures - shows that pupil teacher ratios are rising. This means higher class sizes and less individual attention for children. In secondary schools staff numbers have fallen by 15,000

Worse still is on the horizon with 17,942 schools hit by a real term cut in funding per pupil from 2015-19.

These cuts are happening when schools have to contend with a teacher supply crisis. This has been caused by the Government missing their own teacher recruitment targets for the last five years and an exodus of teachers from the profession. Less than half of England’s teachers last more than 10 years in the classroom.

Find out how your school has been affected on the School Cuts website.