Investment in education now will help provide the skills the country needs in the future.

Join the lobby against school cuts on 24 October

The National Education Union is focusing on improving two aspects of education funding – how much money goes into the system and how the money is shared across schools and colleges with different needs.

That's why on Tuesday 24 October the National Education Union will hold a mass lobby of Parliament to protest against education funding cuts. This lobby has been timed to take place a month before the Chancellor delivers his budget statement. MPs will be asked to put pressure on the Chancellor to find the funding needed to reverse the cuts and invest in our children and young people. 

In terms of how much money goes into the system, we know that, as pupil numbers rise, funding for their education is not rising accordingly. Since 2015, schools in England have had their funding per pupil frozen while inflation and other costs rise, leading to an effective £2.8 billion real-terms cut.

Schools are having to increase class sizes, reduce curriculum choices and make reductions to teaching and support staff posts. Some schools have been forced to seek help from parents to plug the holes in their budgets for books and resources.

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Funding lobby

On Tuesday 24 October, the National Education Union and our partners will hold a major public rally and lobby of Parliament.

In terms of how the money is shared out, it is clear the funding system shouldn't be reformed to give more money to some schools by taking money away from others. Fairer school funding can only be achieved by putting more money into the system – so schools that need more money can receive it while other schools’ funding is protected.

At the same time as cuts to school funding, the effects of previous funding decisions taken since 2010 continue to be felt across England and Wales. Reductions to capital funding means an increasing backlog of repairs and renovations; inadequate early years funding denies nursery schools the money they need to survive; and FE and sixth form colleges have been hit even harder than schools by the past seven years of cuts.

We are calling on the Chancellor to invest in education and children and young people when he delivers his Budget statement to Parliament this autumn. We want:

  • additional funding to reverse all funding cuts to date the resources to implement a fair funding formula, and to ensure no school loses out in real terms over the next five years.
  • To keep education funding a high priority, we’ll be debating school cuts at our fringe meetings and on our stand at TUC Congress and at party conferences.

If you want to be a part of our lobby on Tuesday 24 October, please fill in the form below and we will email you with further details and advice on how to make our lobby a success. Together we can send a loud signal to the Government that it can't ignore. 

Party conferences

Visit our stands and attend our fringe debates to find out more about our funding campaign.

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