Group of disabled NEU members

Disabled members' conference

The next National Education Union (NEU) disabled members’ conference - Fighting for disability rights: together under the social model - will be held in Manchester, Friday, 31 May - Sunday, 2 June 2024. 


The conference is the largest celebration of the work of Disabled educators in the UK. If you attend you will be invited to take part in workshops, panel discussions and plenary sessions focusing on disabled activism and self-organisation. The event is a great way for you to meet others in your district or region and to network with Disabled members employed in similar workplaces.

The closing date for registration is Friday, 15 March 2024.

Please note: the NEU endorses the social model of disability in which people are disabled by the attitudes and structures of society rather than by their impairments. For this reason, we use the term “disabled people” rather than people with disabilities. Disability is not something people ‘have’- according to the social model it is ‘done’ to those with impairments who are disabled by the barriers in society. 

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