Middle leaders have a pivotal role implementing the school development strategy and teachers’ every day work. They are increasingly taking on greater responsibility, managing upwards and downwards, and working with diverse teams to successfully implement strategic education plans.

Recovery education and wellbeing

Middle leaders are aware that when a better work-life balance is achieved for all, their teams are able to make a greater impact on the achievement of students in the workplace.  Creating a manageable workload can support staff wellbeing and building trust within teams can lead to greater motivation. To help with this, middle leaders can work with their teams to:

Visit the NEU Recovery Education Hub to access support from members across the union on achieving a better work life balance and guidance on how to shape recovery education following the coronavirus pandemic.

The NEU is here to support you in your role as a middle leader. In addition to all the main benefits of NEU membership, such as workplace representation, legal support, and employment rights advice, middle leaders will also have access to:

Join over 65,000 leaders and 450,000 members to share best practice and exchange ideas to lead change.

Get involved and train as a union representative and network with other members locally. Getting involved in your union is the best way to achieve change, both in working conditions and in education.

If you take a further step into senior leadership, our dedicated membership group NEU Leadership is there for you.