The NEU Councillors Network is a partnership between local councillors of all parties and the National Education Union, to shape the future of education. As part of the School Cuts campaign, the NEU aims to ensure that school funding is kept in the public eye and the Government is forced to act on the concerns of local councillors, constituents, teachers and parents.

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Help us shape the future of education, be part of the National Education Union (NEU) Councillors Network. The network is open to all for councillors. Being a member of our network will give you access to written briefings, regular information about education issues, and access to our events for councillors. Please share this sign up form with any councillors you know. If you would like to get in touch, please email us.

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Council Assessment Information

Work to agree this model motion in your local council.

Ask your council colleagues to agree this model letter and send it to your local NEU District.

Learn more about our Assessment campaign by clicking below.

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