Since our launch in July 2018, we have grown to a network of over 4,000. The National Education Union (NEU) Councillors Network is a partnership between the NEU and local government. It is free to join our network and it is open to councillors of all political parties. Becoming a member of our network will give you access to regular e-communications, briefings and invites to our exclusive councillor events.

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Councillors' briefings

Secondary qualifications

More than 10,000 secondary educators have written to education secretary Gavin Williamson about this year’s secondary qualification grading. The open letter, coordinated by NEU, expresses the dismay and anger felt by educators at his department’s failure to adequately plan and prepare a system to give fairness to students, which has led to soaring teacher workload this term. The letter also asks for a £500 one-off payment from Government to teachers in recognition of the extra work created. Please share our social media posts to put pressure on the Government to act and make clear how hard teachers have worked to cope with the system, despite Government failures.

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NEU Recovery Hub

The hub provides a networking platform for 450,000 NEU members to get advice, support each other and shape recovery education following the coronavirus pandemic.

The hub aims to put education professionals at the heart of developing practice which supports teaching and learning during the months and years ahead.

Content on the site aims to support educators with things like behaviour leadership and using PSHE and outdoor learning to support pupils’ education recovery, including tips from fellow teachers about what has worked for them.

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Local councillors sign letter to the Prime Minister to extend Free School Meals

Over 750 Local councillors have signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the extension of Free School Meals to pupils on Universal Credit. The letter, which was coordinated by the NEU's Councillors’ Network, calls on the Government to ensure children from low-income families have access to Free School Meals (FSM) and ensure no child is left behind. Read our press release.

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Help us shape the future of education, be part of the National Education Union (NEU) Councillors Network. The network is open to all for councillors. Being a member of our network will give you access to written briefings, regular information about education issues, and access to our events for councillors. Please share this sign up form with any councillors you know. If you would like to get in touch, please email us.

Councillors' briefings

Download the model letter motions

Campaign timeline

September and October 2021

NEU attends each party conference, hosting fringe events on a variety of subjects including child poverty and education funding. You can download our address to the party conferences here.

June 2021

In response to Government's announcement of catch up funding equating to £50 per pupil, compared to £1,600 per pupil in the USA and £2,500 per pupil in the Netherlands, the Councillors network launched this Fund Their Futures letter to the Prime Minister, you can sign and read this here.

May 2021

NEU Councillors network ran a pledge for all candidates relating to our No Child Left Behind campaign, over 358 candidates took the pledge. Click here to see our pledge and see our resources for candidates on Child Poverty here.

November 2020

'What next for education in the pandemic' Zoom

100 councillors joined our Joint General Secretaries Kevin Courtney and Mary Bousted to discuss ongoing impact of coronavirus on education and what it means for schools and the role of local authorities. Watch this important meeting to see the discussion during this critical time.

July 2020

All councillors Zoom

After a difficult academic year for many educators and councillors, we ended the summer term 2020 with our largest zoom meeting yet of over 350 councillors and an amazing all women panel including; Cllr. Judith Blake (Leaders of Leeds Council Labour Party), Cllr. Lucy Nethsingha (Leader of Liberal Democrat Group on Cambridge City Council), Vix Lowthion (Green Party Education Spokesperson), Cllr. Anntoinette Bramble (Deputy Mayor of Hackney), Mary Bousted (Joint General Secretary, NEU), chaired by National President Amanda Martin. Watch our event and see what our amazing panel had to say.

April 2020

Gavin Williamson letter

Following on from our previously successful actions we launched a letter aimed at Gavin Williamson about the important role of local authorities, ensuring safety of our schools during coronavirus and for the government to provide free school meals over the Easter break. This letter was signed by 1,175 councillors and led to the Government providing free school meals during Easter holidays. You can read our letter here.

November 2019

NEU Local government conference

As our network continued to grow, we hosted our first ever local government conference with over 60 councillors attending. Take a look and see how our conference went.

September 2019

NEU Councillors Network at party conferences

With thousands new members we headed to all the party conference and hosted our first meetings and fringes, you can see what our events are like by taking a look here.

June 2019

Local election pledge

We took part in our first election as a network, asking candidates to take our pledge to defend funding for SEND if elected, over 700 candidates took our pledge. Find out more about our pledge here.

April 2019

Funding letter

Together the network took its first action with over 1,000 councillors signing an open letter to Damian Hinds about damage of school cuts. See the power of our actions here.

July 2018

London launch event

Over 50 councillors joined us for our launch event in London discussing impact of school cuts and how we can campaign together. See our very first event and how much we have grown since then.

  • Children taking exam
    Assessment campaign

    After Covid-19, we need reform of our assessment and exams systems to make them fit for the future.